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Brand Be Known is a full-service digital marketing agency which specialises in marketing strategy, creative solutions, website development, and SEO services among many more.

Who We Are

Using digital marketing to dominate your niche

No two brands are the same, and as such no two digital marketing campaigns can be the same either. That’s why our methodology focuses on helping a brand to define its competitive advantage which we achieve through research and analysis. From here, we have a much better idea of how to engage with your audience to drive the best results. Whenever we work with a new brand or business identifying the core areas of potential growth are always our priority and focus. This is how we outline which main marketing activities are likely to drive the best return on investment.

Whatever niche or industry you’re in, through our decades of experience through creative digital solutions and marketing we have found this strategy always pays dividends. Each campaign will look different depending on each brands’ individual needs.
Often, a multi-faceted approach using a number of our services is most likely to drive results. Some may need to create an entirely new online identity with a website and social media presence overhaul, for others it could be about focusing on a memorable campaign which people can’t stop talking about.

Why are we the best?

Elevating Brands
to New Heights

We work strategically with our brands and clients to advise them how to best grow the size of their business, through attracting and converting more customers. Our strategy follows the core work-flow as outlined below. If you want to find out more about the ways in which we could help you then get in touch.


The first step we embark on with all brands is to thoroughly research and analyse their product, services and who their main audience and customer base are. From here, we analyse any existing digital marketing strategies which are already in place, as well as how effective they are. It is through this research that we can best ascertain how to develop your brand’s unique growth strategy.

2. Strategy Alignment

Our research and analysis will highlight where your brand needs most attention, as well as how to best connect with its customer base. From here we will build the groundwork of your digital marketing strategy. We will advise which service – or combination of services – will best suit your unique needs and independent growth objectives. We work closely with our brands on their strategy development, so they fully understand the process.


Then it’s time to get to work. Once we have developed your unique growth strategy we will get straight to work on it, keeping you updated with regular reports and analysis of our progress so we can assess what is working and what isn’t, and from there co-create and amend our solutions to ensure that your growth objectives are always being met.

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We are here to help all brands we work with turn their marketing challenges into opportunities for growth. If this sounds like something you think your brand or business could benefit from, then let’s get the ball rolling.