Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with Brand Be Known is easy – the first step is always to register for an account with us where you can book and manage all your digital marketing services with us. Signing up is easy, and free.

We always conduct an introductory call with brands which can be arranged as soon as you have set up your account. On this call we will get to know a bit more about you, your business, and your objectives.

We always provide an estimate of costs up front and are fully transparent with our clients about our methodology and pricing, so there are no hidden or unexpected costs when you use our services.

As each strategy and each brand is entirely unique, we prefer not to give out concrete timelines for when customers can expect to see results. But as a guide, we generally advise at least three months.

We offer great package deals when you book a combination of our services and we try to keep our costs as manageable and accessible as possible by promising ROI through increased sales, making our services a great investment.