Terms and conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the digital marketing business Brand Be Known which is based at the website www.brandbeknown.com. These terms shall apply to the supply of digital marketing services as outlined in this document. When a customer requests digital marketing services from www.brandbeknown.com, licensed by PEJE NET ENTERPRISE located in Ghana, then they are stating that they agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time, so please make sure you check back to this page regularly to make sure you are familiar with the latest version of this document.

2.Brand Be Known’s obligations

The business www.brandbeknown.com shall take all reasonable care and skill in the production and supply of digital marketing services as per the client’s brief.

3.Customer accounts

Customers must register for an account on www.brandbeknown.com to be able to book, manage and pay for their digital marketing services.

4.Charges and payments

All fees and charges for digital marketing services form www.brandbeknown.com will be clearly communicated to the customer ahead of them placing an order. For one-off projects this could be a flat fee which shall be in agreed in advance by all parties. For on-going campaigns, such as SEO strategies or social media marketing campaigns, the business www.brandbeknown.com may work from a retainer, which is to be agreed for a set period between the customer and business ahead of any work being carried out.

Once all charges have been agreed upon, these are due in full and in advance of any digital marketing work taking place. In the event that the customer does not pay in advance, then all services shall be suspended until such a time when they are able to make this payment.

All major debit and credit cards are accepted forms of payment which are all processed by a third-party bank provider. Please note once full payment has been received you will see: BBKPNE, GHANA as your billing descriptor.

5.Briefs, deliverables and changes to services

Some services offered on www.brandbeknown.com may require the customer to submit a brief, such as for website development projects where the customer will outline their objectives and commercial purpose of the website.

When providing a brief or any other advanced materials in order for www.brandbeknown.com to complete its digital marketing services, the customer warrants that the brief and any other accompanying information which has been supplied is accurate and complete and that they have the legal ownership and permission to share this information

When a deadline is agreed between parties for a project which is based around a brief, www.brandbeknown.com shall not be liable for any delays which are caused to the delivery of the project which have been caused by the customer not providing requested information in a timely manner. Any such delays will be subject to extra charges for the customer.

6.Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

All intellectual property rights of deliverables - excluding client materials – which arise in connection with the contract shall be the property of www.brandbeknown.com and the business shall grant its customer a standard license of such intellectual property rights upon completion of the project and all fees being made.

The customer may only use materials or content which has been provided by www.brandbeknown.com as part of its digital marketing services for the purpose for which they were originally created. This means that the customer may not reproduce, republish or redistribute any of these materials without prior consent from the business.

7.Indemnity and limitation of liability

The customer agrees to indemnify www.brandbeknown.comor its agents and employees from any liability, cost, damages, sums payable or any other expenses of any kind (except for legal fees) which arise from any claim, demand or action which relate to the deliverables provided by www.brandbeknown.com.


Delivery dates and deadlines are agreed between www.brandbeknown.com and the customer at the time of creating the digital marketing strategy. One-off projects such as the development of a website may have a set delivery date, whereas on-going projects and campaigns will run for a set amount of time as agreed by the parties.

9.Cancellations and refunds

Customers may not request a refund for their projects based on style or composition. Refunds are not accepted but comments are, so if there is an element of your project or work provided by www.brandbeknown.com which you are dissatisfied with, then please get in touch with customer services who will be able to look into this for you.

Once a contract for digital marketing services has been made between the parties, this can not be cancelled and if the customer decides to cancel a job ahead of its completion then they shall still be liable for the full costs and expenses of the project.

10.Contacting us

If you have any further questions please get in touch with us at infor@brandbeknown.com.